When in Doubt, Wear all Black

When in Doubt, Wear all Black


Hey everyone, hope you all are having a cozy and relaxing weekend. It is currently one of those perfectly sunny San Francisco days over here. I haven't blogged in a few weeks, so I thought I would share some additional shots from a fun Perry Ellis campaign I did recently. I was working with them on their new line, and I picked out this head to toe black on black look. You can never have too much black right?! 


The look consisted of a cozy ribbed Herringbone crew sweater, some black slim stretch pants, and their black flash sneakers


The whole look was super comfortable, and perfect for running around town. Harper and I are always trying to scout out some new locations, and this time we ventured downtown to the Civic Center area. 


The Neoclassical arches and grand pillars of City Hall made for the perfect backdrop for this outfit. I especially loved the contrast of the black with all the white and grey stone.  


We originally went down to this part of town because we thought we wanted to do the shoot at the new San Francisco Proper Hotel. But.....We ended up getting so many great shots at City Hall that we decided to just go to the hotel and relax with a couple cocktails instead. Nevertheless, this new hotel was incredible and very much my aesthetic. Loved all the details and the character. 


Front desk goals. Is that a thing? Oh, and these gallery walls! I love a good gallery wall. 


On the first floor was a restaurant/bar called Villon. It had just closed for the evening when we arrived, so we will definitely be heading back to try it out. 


On the rooftop we found a gorgeous cocktail lounge, filled with all the patterns and textures and cozy fire pits you could dream of.  San Francisco has been in need of a proper rooftop bar for a long time. 


Found my spot!

Have I told you all I have a thing for velvet chairs?!? They are my favorite. 


Not a bad view from the top either. I definitely recommend checking it out, especially if you are planning a trip to the city and looking for a fun boutique hotel. 


The fire pits were definitely a welcome addition, as the sun started to set and the temps got a bit chilly. 


Well friends, thank you so much for reading. What do you think of the black on black look? Can I pull it off? 

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