A Japanese Ryokan Experience…In Sonoma!

A Japanese Ryokan Experience…In Sonoma!

Harper and I are always trying to find new ways to getaway from the city and relax. We typically venture off to various beaches, mountains, or deserts, but this time we decided to head to Japan. Not really. But we heard of this amazing bed and breakfast outside of Sonoma that was based on the Japanese Ryokan experience.

We HAD to give it a try!

What’s a Ryokan? Glad you asked!

A Ryokan is a traditional Japanese Inn (some of the oldest in the world), which are known for their hospitality and focus on meditation and solitude. Which we are ALL about. But honestly, we were also sold as soon as we saw pictures of these bathtubs!


Amazing right?! Add on a massage, pool and spa, and this was a no brainer. 


The Gaige House + Ryokan is actually located in Glen Allen, a sleepy town in the heart of Sonoma wine country. The town is tiny, but we found a local bar, a super cute café and a couple great restaurants. What more could you need?

As soon as we entered the hotel we were immediately transported to another world. One that was completely peaceful and quiet. The friendly staff gave us a tour of the grounds, featuring a beautiful pool, spa and some rooms set aside for meditation and yoga.


 And then we got to our room, and we were like, WOW, not leaving. So beautiful. We honestly could have spent all day in that tub…which we kind of did. I think we took three baths.


We decided this was the perfect excuse to just lay around and do nothing and completely disconnect from the noise.  The rooms even came with some guides on forest bathing. I didn’t get a chance to try it, but it seemed like the general concept was to wander through the woods and focus on the small details; like the sound of a stream, the trees, the ground etc. Sort of like a self guided meditation. Sounded so interesting, and if I was staying another day I would have definitely tried it!

But, we ultimately just lounged by the pool, read and booked a couples massage (bc why not?). We also drank our share of sake and port (which the hotel graciously provides on the sunset porch).


And then we went to Magic Hour, a time each evening where the hotel puts out an array of local wines and cheeses for the guests to enjoy while watching the sunset. You can’t go to Sonoma and not have some wine and cheese. The community was nice and small, so this was the perfect time to get to know some of the other guests and enjoy some incredible wine.


And then we spent more time in the bath tub!


Here are some tips from our stay!

Where to Eat:

Les Pascals Patisserie- Super cute little bakery a short walk from Gaige House. If you like bread and all things cheesy, this is your place. We didn’t try any of their pastries, but they also looked incredible. I got the Croque Madame.

Glen Ellen Star- Literally right around the corner. Very delicious option for dinner. I had the pizza and it was incredible.

Gaige House- It’s a bed and breakfast, so duh, you should definitely eat breakfast here. It was super tasty. Also, we found Mochi in the fridge in our room. Yes please! The perfect dessert.


We had an absolutely incredible stay at the Gaige House + Ryokan. 10/10 would definitely go again. It really was the perfect retreat away from the craziness of the city. And that bathtub. Still dreaming about that bathtub. Check out this link to book your own room!

Hope you all enjoyed the post. Let me know your thoughts and if you’ve ever stayed in a Ryokan :)

This post is sponsored by Gaige House+ Ryokan but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

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