Copenhagen Travel Guide: Tips on Finding all the Happiest Places :)

Copenhagen Travel Guide: Tips on Finding all the Happiest Places :)


I can't believe I'm just now finally getting around to posting a guide about our trip to Copenhagen this past Spring.  It was the final leg of our Scandinavian adventure, after visiting Stockholm and Oslo, and I think we both decided that Copenhagen was our favorite! The whole city was just so colorful and happy!  We fell in love with the architecture, the culture and its tasty food scene. Here are some of the highlights if you are planning a visit!

The Best of Copenhagen

One of the best parts of Copenhagen are all the many colorful homes. SOO BEAUTIFUL! One of the best spots for color is called Nyhavn. It is essentially a narrow canal/ harbor full of old wooden ships parked next to a series of pastel homes and shops. We loved walking around and exploring this neighborhood, but got exhausted by the tourist crowds after awhile. I would recommend going earlier in the morning to get that quintessential Copenhagen postcard shot. Very instagrammable. 


All the colors were incredible!!


Protip: We found that Copenhagen has a ton of really great food halls. If you're hungry near Nyhavn, I would recommend walking across the bridge to a place called Copenhagen Street Food. I guarantee you'll find something delicious. This is where we ate these delicious chicken and waffles!


Another must see spot is The Round Tower. It is a large tower that has no stairs, gradually spiraling up to the skies for an incredible view . It was built as an astomomical oberservatory back in the 17th Century. 


The views from the top were gorgeous. 


You also can't go wrong just wandering around the city and getting lost. Every little street is just so charming. 


We found a great rooftop coffee shop in the Illum Mall called Original coffee. I'd recommend checking it out for a view of the city and for their wavy/awesome ceiling. 


Such a cute little balcony set up.


Not a bad spot for a coffee break. 

We had a little help exploring the town with our local friend @raunostein ! We always try and meet up with Instagrammers when we travel, and we very much enjoyed our time with Rauno. Definitely give him a follow. He has one of my favorite insta fashion accounts. 


Harper and I are both suckers for good Danish design, and so of course we had to check out the Hay House design store. Be warned, you'll most likely want to ship everything back home with you. 


You also definitely need to check out GROD! I basically had it every morning for breakfast. It was a delicious porridge filled with all different selections of fruits and nuts. It is very filling, and the perfect way to start off your mornings.  


The Central Hotel Cafe is an absolutely adorable little cafe. It is straight out of a Wes Anderson set. It has one tiny hotel room on top and below is a cute cafe that literally fits one to two people. We stopped by for a latte and enjoyed the experience. 


There are tons of beautiful parks everywhere in Copenhagen. We were lucky enough to visit while all of their cherry blossoms were beginning to bloom. I'd recommend walking around The Kings Garden and then checking out the Botanical Garden


Such a beautiful and peaceful place!


Hanging with all my Cactus friends

And this spiral staircase is EVERYTHING


If you're looking for a good place to wind down, I'd recommend this cozy little cocktail bar called Lidkoeb. We only had their cocktails, but all of the food looked amazing as well. 


The next best spot for photos is called SuperKilen Park. It is a fun urban area with jogging paths, skate ramps and a couple playgrounds for kids. It is visually stunning, as you can see below. I love how all of these bike lanes converge into this one area.


One of the many things I love about Copenhagen are the many street flower markets/stands throughout the city. There were tulips everywhere, and they are my favorite!


We also got super lucky with the most beautiful AirBnb studio right on the lake in Copehagen. It was so cozy to sit on the porch each morning and watch all the swans swim by. 


The view from the balcony was stunning.


And the sunsets were all incredible. Here is a link to the Airbnb listing if you can snag it. 



Hope you all enjoyed my guide to Copenhagen! I think it definitely stands out as one of my favorite cities in the world. Thank you for taking the time to read!

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