New Apartment Tour

New Apartment Tour

Hey everyone, its new apartment tour time!  Its been a few months since we've moved, and I think we've finally got our new place feeling like home and looking snazzy enough to show off to the public :)  

A little backstory: We didn't move too far from our last place, as our old apt was literally just down the block in the same neighborhood. We loved our old flat, but it was just a bit small (as are most SF apts), and it didn't have a ton of natural light (1st floor problems).

We discovered this new spot from some friends who had just moved into the neighborhood.  As we came to visit they told us how the apartment next door was recently vacant as well, and that it hadn't been listed yet.  We got in touch with the landlord ASAP and luckily swooped in before anyone else had a chance. This was a relief, as finding a great apt in SF can be a huge pain!

We love this new apt so much, and now we get to live right next door to our good friends! Its like something straight out of a 90's Sit-com!

Without further ado:

The Living Room


We absolutely love the big south facing bay windows in our living room. The whole room is filled with tons of natural light all day long (something that was lacking in our last place). It also helps that the unit is on the 4th floor, which puts us just above the tip of the tree line on the street. 


Can we talk about this blue velvet swivel chair ?!? It is the best. Velvet of course is my favorite material. I also love the swivel, which is perfect for spinning around to check out the local happenings going on in the neighborhood below. 


We've tried to mix and match lots of different textures and fabrics to give the place a more homey/warm feel. I love how the knit, fur and velvet pillows compliment the cozy Morrocan wool rug (which is sooo comfy that everyone wants to lay on it when they visit). 


Also still in love with this clover coffee table. We've had it for a bit now, and it is still one of my favorite pieces. Love how it adds a fun mid century vibe to the whole place. 

I think that something that makes a home unique and fun is filling it with all your interesting knick knacks and Tchotchke's from your lives and travels. Like this cute HAY candle holder from when we visited Copenhagen last spring (click here for my travel guide!). And also, currently obsessed with this little flip clock. It reminds me of Wall-E. 


I think its also super important to fill your home with lots of plants and books... although Harper recently told me I'm not allowed to buy anymore of them :( No worries, I'm sure I'll be able to sneak a few more in ;) It is getting a bit ridiculous though. I spend a good 45 minutes each Saturday morning going around to water each plant.  He says I'm turning into a crazy plant man.

Our living room has a beautiful crown molding around its perimeter, which is where we've placed lots of our favorite vintage books and fun plant friends to decorate. 


One of the best new additions is this super cute vintage bar cart my grandma was giving away. 


Isn't it the cutest!


Also, note the pressed wallpaper design throughout the living room. It's so beautiful in the most subtle way. 


And thats the living room! Now on to the...


So if you're coming from the living room, you need to first pass through a small butlers pantry, which is where we keep our little library. Of course I color coordinated the books into a fun rainbow of colors :)  


My favorite things about the kitchen are definitely the fun checkered floors and the abundance of cabinet space. I also love this awesome flip clock that Harper got for Christmas. The day of the week turns green on Saturday's and Red on Sunday's.


Attached to the kitchen is an adorable little eating nook, which is where you'll recognize all of my  "When @harperbf makes dinner/breakfast" posts. I love the white walls, the high ceilings, and all of the natural light that comes from the tall windows. The door leads to the fire escape, which also gives access to an unfinished rooftop with some pretty awesome views of the city (although we technically aren't supposed to go up there). 


Next up ...

The Guest Room

We get a good amount of visitors coming in and out, and in the past they've always had to sleep on our couch or on our air mattress in the living room. Not anymore! Now we have the perfect guest room, and we can be even more hospitable. It's always nice to be able to give your guests a bit more space to unwind after exploring the city.  We've been in our apt for a couple of months now, and I think we've already had about 8-10 people stay in our guest room. 


You all know i love a good gallery wall. We filled this one with a mounted stag horn, some colorful art and a fun letter board always filled with positive messages. 


Our Bedroom

Last but not least, our bedroom! I love how our bedroom is so wide open and full of light. As mentioned before, I'm obsessed with all the bay windows. I also love the details of this old fireplace that has been covered over and painted all white.  


Above the bed I have some pieces from my good friend @Katyanngilmore . She has been killing it in the art world lately. Definitely check out her work :) 


I'm always perusing craigslist for vintage finds, and one of my best ever was this old mid century desk and chair I bought for $20.00 at an estate sale in LA. Its a stunner!


Our mantel vine has gotten a bit out of control. Go ahead, let your hair down girl ;)


Cozy little reading chair


And that's all folks! Our new Apt :) What do you all think?!? Which one was your favorite room? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below. Thank you again for reading!

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