Pool Days in Palm Springs

Pool Days in Palm Springs

Last month we flew to Palm Springs for a sunny weekend getaway in beautiful Palm Springs. We got a great group together and rented a beautiful mid century compound in celebration of our lovely friend @andrewmoooon 's birthday. The AirBnB was absolutely stunning. Straight from the 1950's, and very Palm Springs. The place was actually so perfect we barely even left. All we wanted to do was relax by the pool, drink mojitos, and play with all of our pool toys. 

The entrance had the cutest little yellow door

Upon entering the compound. I love the contrast of the mountains and the Palm Trees in every direction. It is a real life oasis in the middle of a barren desert..

Isn't this pool perfect!?!? The AirBnB had five rooms, so it was perfect for a birthday bash with friends.

Of course we had to bring all the pool toys. This trip we had a pink donut, a flamboyant unicorn, and a couple pineapples. 

I think the pineapple was my favorite. We had perfect weather the whole weekend. Probably around 90-95 the entire time.

This picture perfectly explains Harper's relationship with the pool toys.

Ahh and this couch!! It was originally owned by a catholic nun and lived in a nunnery for many years. Pristine condition!

Our cozy little room for the weekend. 

I attempted to wear the loudest, most Palm Springy shirts I could find. 

Mimosas and polaroids make the best memories.

Harper and Andrew at Bar

Birthday balloons for Andrew Moon

Harper and I enjoying those refreshing mojitos.

The birthday boy!!

The other great thing about this place was its proximity to the Ace Hotel. Just a short walk around the corner. We would venture out that way each morning and grab some quick coffee.  

All in all, it was the perfect weekend and I totally get all the Palm Springs hype. Nothing more relaxing than sitting by a pool in the dry heat of the desert. I'm ready for the next trip already!  Definitely check out our AirBnB if you're planning a getaway with a bunch of friends. You won't want to leave :) https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/5616642

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