The Best Spa Getaway in Reno

The Best Spa Getaway in Reno

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Am I the only one who needs a spa getaway after this past holiday season?? Haha. The holidays were amazing this year, but they definitely took a toll on me. Harper and I had the best time with family and friends, but it was definitely nice to get back into our routines, and get back into the gym to work off all those cookies…and I had A LOT of cookies!

It’s so often true that we need a post-vacation-VACATION to recover (especially when it involves lots of travel).

If you’re looking for an amazing spa getaway, then I would definitely recommend checking out The ROW’s newly renovated The Spa at The Silver Legacy in Reno.


We went there a few weekends ago for a winter weekend and we were absolutely blown away by the spa. It was probably one of the most beautiful spas we’ve visited EVER.

Just check out this beauty!

The Spa


The Spa at Silvery Legacy was recently a part of The ROW’s master $100 million renovation, and it shows. Harper and I were immediately transported to a place of tranquility, and we never wanted to leave... and we almost didn’t. We literally spent the entire day taking in all the amenities and relaxing.


Harper and I booked a magical hour long couples massage and then a pedicure, our first ever! And we LOVED every minute. In between those sessions we relaxed in our robes, drank tea, sipped on some champagne, and ordered a delicious wrap w/ quinoa salad for lunch. The spa had three different relaxation rooms, each with its own vibe, and one even had its own salt inhalation room (which is great for your skin and immune system). My favorite room had big chair swings. Honestly so hard not to fall asleep.


Time for a little R&R


We also spent a good amount of time in the men’s only area, where we wore less clothes and enjoyed their sauna, steam room and hot tub. I assume the women’s area was similar. My favorite was the steam room, as it literally looked like you were in a dark silver mine. So beautiful, and it even had a cold shower, which I LOVED. Made it so I could stay in there for longer ;)


Do we have to leave??


My feet were super ticklish but I loved it.


Also, shout out to @mcdezzy for taking a lot of these super cute couples photos of us at the spa! I love them :)

In addition to our great time at the spa, we also had a blast staying at The ROW in Reno. The ROW is basically three distinct resort-casinos that are all connected in the center of downtown Reno (Where The Spa at Silver Legacy is located).

Usually we aren’t big gamblers, but Harper won $50 on a penny slot! Not too shabby.  But if gambling is not your vibe, no worries, there were soooo many delicious dining options at the resort.


Here are our recommendations:


Fancy dinner spot with delicious steak options and over 100 martini variations (woah!) There was also a woman who walked around with a basket full of cheesy bacon bread. No lie. It’s worth it just for that! This is a must stop spot if you are in Reno!

Champagne Brunch at The Buffet

You had me at all-you-can-eat brunch and bottomless mimosas. Typically brunch buffets can leave you with more to be desired, but this was not your usual buffet affair. The caliber of food didn’t seem like buffet food at all. It was all very fresh and super tasty. Plus the mimosas were strong and never stopped flowing.  Literally, my glass never got below halfway.

Millies 24

Classic diner thats open 24 hours. I recommend the patty melt. The waiter also misheard us and thought it was our anniversary, which was adorable. He kept congratulating us and gave us multiple strong pours of wine. We played along and it was super cute.


In addition to some great dining, we also got tickets to a Christmas themed magic show.  It was so fun and ridiculous. There were contortionists, singers, magicians and lots of goofy crowd participation…oh, and we had champagne!



Another great perk of going to The ROW was that there were also three great hotels to choose from.

We chose to stay at Circus Circus, first because we’re kinda clowns, and second because we heard they recently renovated all of their rooms. They were so fun and colorful! The beds were super comfy, and we loved the fun circus themed vibe throughout the room.  Plus it made us feel like a kid again. How could we not have fun??


 All in all, we had an incredible weekend staying at The ROW in Reno. It was the perfect winter getaway. The Spa was incredible, we won some money, ate some super tasty food, and stayed in some fun and cozy rooms. What more could you ask for?? Totally recommend going up there for a relaxing winter getaway. Check out their website HERE for their room availability :)

Hope you cuties enjoyed the post! Let me know what you think below!

This post is sponsored by The ROW but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

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