Fall Style Tips: Keeping Cozy and Cool in the Outdoors

Fall Style Tips: Keeping Cozy and Cool in the Outdoors

Happy Fall everyone! We're now in October and those temperatures are dropping even more. I think my favorite thing about Fall is being warm when I know its cool outside. There is something comforting about all of those extra layers you're adding. This post I've partnered with Old Navy to help keep you all warm and cozy in October.

 Here are my thoughts for pulling off a cool outdoor folk vibe this month! 


Flannel and Sherpa Lined Denim

That's right, I'm going full on wilderness mountain man this post.

First, lets talk,


Flannel is a no-brainer for Fall. It's soft, warm, and can easily be thrown over a basic tee as a stylish layer. I went with a classic red and blue checkered shirt for my look. 


I like to wear mine unbuttoned to keep it casual, although it can also be easily buttoned all the way for a more formal look. These shots were all from a recent museum opening at the DeYoung a couple weekends ago. It was a chilly morning, which made for perfect opportunity to try out my flannel. 


My shirt helped me make a new buddy :)


Hey, why aren't you smiling?? :)


This awesome spot is at the James Turrell exhibit, hidden back in the sculpture garden at the DeYoung Museum. You basically sit a circular room and watch as the lighting gradually changes as the sun sets across the sky.  Very cool, and definitely worth a visit!


There is something about flannel that always makes me feel cool and confident. It's as if I just chopped some wood and made my own fire. 

Next up,

The Sherpa Lined Denim Jacket

If you've been following for awhile, you know I've always been a fan of the denim jacket look. BUT, big news, this is my first time ever wearing a sherpa lined denim jacket. Let me just say, it is a total GAME CHANGER. Not only am I ready for Fall, but I might even be set for all of winter as well. This jacket is so soft, warm and cozy. I recently went exploring on a hike with the look. I definitely wasn't worried about getting cold.


Always exploring :)


Wait, am I lost?


Did I mention it's cozy?


I'm all about adding fun pins to denim jackets. This peach pin is from my friend @benwagner. Check out his shop if you have a chance :)


Under the jacket I'm wearing a yellowish long sleeve graphic tee. Yellow is always a good choice for Fall, as it helps you fit in with all the falling leaves ;)


I think we need to go back this way. 


There you go! Hope you all enjoyed my tips on pulling off that outdoor folk vibe this season. If you're looking for more Fall style ideas, check out my previous posts HERE and HERE. Stay warm and cozy out there!

This post in partnership with Old Navy

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