New Glasses!

New Glasses!


Wearing Non Prescription Glasses for Fashion

I've been lucky in a lot of ways, and one of them is that I've never needed to wear prescription eyeglasses. That hasn't stopped me from wanting to though!  It's crazy how you always want what you don't need. I think the right style of glasses can really bring out the features of your face. They can be a statement piece and define your look. There was a whole world of eyeglasses style that I had never had a chance to experience. Until now!

 I was recently working on a fun sunglasses campaign with Eyeconic  (Check it out here), when they asked if I would be interested in wearing some non-prescription (or prescription) glasses for fashion. I had never really done it before, but it sounded like a fun opportunity to try it out.  I was especially interested when they told me they could add Techshield™ Blue to the glasses. Techshield Blue is something they can add onto any non prescription glasses that reduces your exposure to the blue light from using computers, tablets and smartphones. Digital eyestrain is all too real, and I know I spend way too much time in front of screens these days. I stare at my computer all day at work, and when I get home I'm usually looking through Instagram or working on another blog post. This definitely sounded like a win win for me.

Picking out the Right Pair

Now I just needed to pick out the right pair of frames for my face. I knew I wanted darker rims, but I wasn't sure which shape? Luckily, Eyeconic's website offered a fun feature that lets you virtually try on any pair of glasses. It's pretty simple and only required a computer with a webcam. It basically gets a 180 scan of your face and then allows you to see what the eyeglasses would look like from any angle.  Your face scan is then saved and ready for use each time you click on a new pair of glasses. Very very helpful! It's almost as if you're trying them on in person. I took some screenshots and created a Gif to give an example of what it looks like: 

The Virtual Try On

This made the process way easier. Especially since they have a huge selection on their site, including Calvin Klein, Cole Haan and Nike, and Salvatore Ferragamo, . They also offer shipping and returns, so I wasn't too concerned about picking the wrong pair. If you need prescription glasses, I know they accept insurance benefits as well. 

My Selection

I eventually decided on these Calvin's!


What do you think? I loved that they were rounded, tortoise colored and had the key hole bridge. I was trying to go for that hot British professor look. Did it work?


No digital eyestrain here. You can definitely notice a difference when you put them on. The blues on the screen are a bit more muted and easier on the eyes. The Techshield Blue also helps eliminate a bit of the awkwardness when people ask if you suddenly need eyeglasses. Now there is a purpose beyond the pure fashion of it!  


I don't need them to read, but I just like wearing them :)


Hope you all enjoyed the post. Have any of you ever used the Techshield Blue on your glasses before?

This post in partnership with Eyeconic 

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