Weekend Fun in Arizona at The Wigwam!

Weekend Fun in Arizona at The Wigwam!


Hey hey everyone. The warm weather is here and I couldn’t be happier. Earlier this month I got the awesome opportunity to visit Arizona for a long weekend away at The Wigwam. This invitation was super special as they were celebrating their 100th anniversary! Wowza! 


If you’ve never heard of the resort, let me give you the quick low down. Located a little outside of Phoenix, The Wigwam is a beautiful desert oasis, full of palm trees, cacti and some awesome swimming pools (My three favorite things!). To be honest, I had never previously thought of Arizona as a vacation getaway, but now I can’t wait to go back! Let me highlight some of my favorite things from the weekend! #1 was...

The Swimming Pools

The Wigwam has three different pools (Yes 3!) and each has their own unique character and vibe. The largest and most lively was called the Tower Pool


This pool was massive, featuring a whole kids zone, a huge water slide (which of course I enjoyed a few times) and a full pool bar with private cabanas. I loved how it was one large connected pool, yet there was a bridge in the middle that separated the lively kids area from the more relaxed adult side. And during my visit we got the FULL cabana life experience, and let me just say it was true VIP STATUS! Our group got to enjoy endless cocktails, some refreshing fruit plates, and some incredible poolside service. It was the perfect set up. 


And if the Tower Pool was a little too lively for your taste, then don’t worry because the Oasis Pool is just around the corner!


The Oasis Pool takes the energy level down about 10 notches and has a super peaceful and relaxing environment. This was my go to pool for those more quiet moments away from the hustle and bustle. I was lucky to have this spot right outside my room, and I loved going there in between all the events we had planned. It was also a great spot in the evening for some pre bedtime jacuzzi fun.


Although both these pools were AMAZING, I think my ultimate favorite was....The Spa Pool!


One of my absolute favorite parts of the weekend was my visit to the onsite spa at The Wigwam Resort. Not only did I get an hour long amazing massage, had access to their steam rooms and saunas, but (MOST IMPORTANTLY) got access to their secluded courtyard pool. Completely separated from the rest of the world, this pool was the most zen out of them ALL. I almost fell asleep in their super comfy chair cushions! It was perfect for that post-massage relaxation time. 


Alright, alright, enough about the pools, we get it.

The second thing I loved the most about staying at The Wigwam was it’s

Southwestern Desert Aesthetic


Surrounded by loads of cacti and palm trees, you really felt transported to a quiet oasis in the middle of the desert. 


Upon arrival, I was immediately obsessed with the overall vibe of the all white bungalows scattered across the property. None of the buildings were built higher that two stories, and I loved how each room had their own balcony or porch. This made for a perfect environment for kicking off your shoes and relaxing with a good book. It also created a good sense of community, as I was continually greeted by friendly guests wishing me a good day.


I also loved how The Wigwam leaned into their southwest history and preserved the original look from when it was built 100 years ago! They intentionally restored their main lobby to look exactly how it was initially decorated, with its grand fireplace and beautiful southwestern colorful rugs. Below are some really great old photographs from their early days, with a few of mine edited in black and white to show how little has changed over the past 100 years.


I also loved how the property is an endless field of connecting green grass. You almost don’t even need to wear shoes when heading from pool to pool.


The other thing that took me by surprise were all the incredible Arizona sunsets! Wow! I especially loved how the palm trees stood out as dark silhouettes among the vivid pink skies. So beautiful. 


And lastly, my third favorite thing about staying at The Wigwam were all of the

Extracurricular Activities

There were so many great things to do and see while staying at The Wigwam. They make it so you really don't want to leave the area. Here’s a breakdown of a few of my favorites.

The Food

I know I know, eating isn’t necessarily an extracurricular, but honestly everything I ate at the resort was so INCREDIBLE. There were three main restaurants. two of which were more causal and cozy, and the third, called Litchfield's, was a bit more elevated and classy. Think delicious pork chops and scallops (and probably pants and a collared shirt...although no tie because it’s still vacation). One of my favorite parts of the trip was taking a cooking class from the head chef at Litchfield's. He showed us a lot of cool things, but I’m not really sure how many I will actually be able to replicate back at home. But it was a BLAST!


They also had a really fun outdoor bar with fire pits and live music each evening. So many great food options, so you really can’t make a wrong choice :) 

In addition, I also got to go on an awesome desert hike (make sure you bring water!)  


And played some bocce ball (my FAVE)


And also got to experience Foot Golf (literally kicking a soccer ball across a golf course into big holes) It was loads of fun!

The resort also had 3 huge golf courses (I don’t play golf but they looked pretty), and a well known tennis club (I also don’t play, but I’m all about those white tennis shorts).

All in all, SOOO many great things to do and experience. 

I had an incredible time at The Wigwam, and I’m definitely adding it as a place to come back and visit! For sure check them out if you’re looking for a sunny getaway. Check out this link for a special Centennial Thank You Package! Thank you all so much for reading. I hope you all enjoyed this post. I'm going to leave you with a beautiful aerial shot of Arizona! 

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